About Us

It all started with our love for Rum and the joy to share that love with as many people as possible.

 As a couple, we have enjoyed drinking rum for many years and were lucky to travel to various parts of the world to attend rum festivals, masterclasses as well as many visits to distilleries.

We truly believe that there is a rum for everyone. We hope that you can join us on this wonderful journey that promises many rich discoveries, great stories and knowledge shared amongst friends and loved ones.

 We welcome you to the rum family!


 Our Services:

When it comes to rum, we have something for everyone. Whether you're a new or experienced rum drinker, a distillery, a bar or a corporate organisation wanting to educate your staff on the spirit, we can help you.

  • Masterclasses
    We strongly believe that education is vital for the continued success of rum. Some of our masterclasses offer the unique chance for attendees to get introduced to the people who make the spirit. 

  • Consulting
    We work with each client to provide a customised proposal based on their needs. 

  • Event Hosts 
    For all your rum events, we provide a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for event guests and attendees.